Minye Wu

Minye Wu

Postdoctoral Researcher

KU Leuven


I work at the VISICS lab within ESAT-PSI of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven as a Postdoc with Prof. Tinne Tuytelaars. I received my Ph.D. Degree in VDI Center of School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University, under the supervision of Prof. Jingyi Yu.

  • computational photography
  • computer vision
  • PhD in Communication and Information System , 2021

    University of Chinese Academic of Sciences

  • BSc in Computer Science , 2015

    Shanghai University

Recent Publications

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(2023). Neural Residual Radiance Fields for Streamably Free-Viewpoint Videos. CVPR2023.

(2022). Fourier PlenOctrees for Dynamic Radiance Field Rendering in Real-time. CVPR 2022.

(2021). Editable free-viewpoint video using a layered neural representation. TOG.

(2021). NeuralHumanFVV: Real-Time Neural Volumetric Human Performance Rendering using RGB Cameras. CVPR 2021.

(2020). Neural3D: Light-weight Neural Portrait Scanning via Context-aware Correspondence Learning. MM.