Neural3D: Light-weight Neural Portrait Scanning via Context-aware Correspondence Learning


Reconstructing a human portrait in a realistic and convenient manner is critical for human modeling and understanding. Aiming at light-weight and realistic human portrait reconstruction, in this paper we propose Neural3D: a novel neural human portrait scanning system using only a single RGB camera. In our system, to enable accurate pose estimation,we propose a context-aware correspondence learning approach which jointly models the appearance, spatial and motion information between feature pairs. To enable realistic reconstruction and suppress the geometry error, we further adopt a point-based neural rendering scheme to generate realistic and immersive portrait visualization in arbitrary virtual view-points. By introducing these learning-based technical components into the pure RGB-based human modeling framework, we can achieve both accurate camera pose estimation and realistic free-viewpoint rendering of the reconstructed human portrait. Extensive experiments on a variety of challenging capture scenarios demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of our approach.

Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Multimedia